Upper Cooling Fan with RGB Lighting for Xbox Series X (KLXS004)



  • $12.25

-High speed cooling fan with RGB lighting specially designed for Xbox Series X. Installed on the top of the console case allows to quickly draw and blow away the running heat of the console. Help to cool your console down in an effective way.
-Feature a metal dust net prevents dust and foreign objects from falling into the fan and console. The top of the console is the exhaust side with big holes, allowing more heat to pass through and prolong the lifespan of console.
-The built-in LED colored lights increase the sense of game atmosphere. 8 colors (red, white, yellow, orange, cyan, blue, green, purple) available. Music sync mode allows the light color to change according to the ups and downs of the background music rhythm.
-You can switch to different lighting mode combination via USB button control, remote control and mobile APP control, giving your console a fresh and stylish look.
-Powered by USB 5V via console. No additional adapter or cables required.
-Compatible with Xbox Series X console only, NOT Xbox Series S/Xbox One/Xbox One X/Xbox One S consoles.

-This product is powered by DC5V console USB interface ONLY. Connecting to higher power supply would damage the device.
-APP supports Android 4.4 and above and iOS 11.0 and above. Available in Google Play/APP Store "LED LAMP".

Package Includes:
1 x Cooling Fan
1 x Remote Control

Product Including Packaging Weight: 323.2g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17*17*5cm

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