Thumbstick Protective Holder Sets with Kickstand for Steam Deck/N-Switch/OLED(JYS-SD015)



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-This thumbstick protective kit set helps to fix the vulnerable 3D analog joysticks of the Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED/Steam Deck to avoid damage during transportation. Easy to install and remove.
-Come with a right-angled 1-to-2 Type-C adapter. Reduce the bending and protect the interface while using. Split 1 signal into 2 and enable you to connect 2 USB-C devices to a single USB-C port.
-A compact back bracket is included and can be used as a desktop bracket for the game consoles and mobile phones. Easy storage or carry around.

The bigger 4 joystick stabilizer clamps fit for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED while the smaller 2 joystick stabilizer clamps fit for Steam Deck.

Package Includes:
4 x Thumbstick Protective Holder for Switch
2 x Thumbstick Protective Holder for Steam Deck
1 x 1-to-2 Right-Angled Type-C Adapter
1 x Compact Back Bracket

Product Including Packaging Weight: 48.1g
Product Including Packaging Size: 23.2*10*1.6cm

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