Reasnow C1 USB Cable 1.5m for switching between Keyboard Mouse mode and Controller mode



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Use Keyboard&Mouse. mode and Controller mode: For PC users! You can use Keyboard & Mouse mode while using ReaSnow S1. During gameplay, you can 0ms delay pass-though swith to gamepad mode.
Smooth switching between Office and Game:You can quickly switch between Keyboard Mouse mode and Controller mode with S1 without any delay. You can smoothly switch between daily Office mode and Game mode.
Automatic startup:Convenient for PC users! When you turn on the power, it automatically enters the state of the keyboard and mouse.

No need to unplug and plug:When playing games or using a computer daily, you do not need to repeatedly unplug and plug in the keyboard and mouse. Previously, when PC gamers played games, they had to unplug the keyboard and mouse from the PC and connect them to S1. Now you only need to switch with one key
No delay and high speed:Lowest latency with a wired USB cable. Works with the fastest USB report rate of 1000hz!
Plug and play:Just plug and play! Note that ReaSnow C1 data cable must be used with ReaSnow S1.

Package included:
1 x Reasnow C1 USB Cable 1.5m

Product Including Packaging Weight: 45.1g
Product Including Packaging Size: 15.2*10*1.4cm

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