Radiator with LED Temperature Display for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED



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-This clip-on USB powered radiator for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED defects the airflow temperature just above the console vents and features a LED display to monitor the console temperature (in degree Celsius) and show current fan speed.
-Easy to use. Simply clip on the console and insert the power cable to the Dock. With sponge to prevent scratches and secure the position.
-Adjustable fan speed from 900rpm to 6000rpm and able to turn it off. Seamless fit design and with soft windshield to prevent dust from entering. Great for cooling and ventilation.
-Powered via by micro USB cable via Dock. No additional adapter required.
-Portable and lightweight. Easy to carry around.
-Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED consoles.
-Product Size: 11.1 x 7.4 cm. Product Weight about 95g. Cable Length: about 40cm

-Please choose the right airspeed according to the software running.
-NOT compatible with Switch Lite console or Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED in handheld mode.
-Internal CPU or GPU temperatures cannot be read.

Package Includes:
1 x Radiator
1 x Micro USB Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 94.1g
Product Including Packaging Size: 13.3*8.5*4cm

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