PGTECH Suspension Bracket for PS5 Slim Disc/Digtial Edition-Black(GP-526)



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Tailor-Made for Convenience: Specifically engineered for the PS5 Slim (Disc/Digital Edition), our bracket boasts a high-grade steel build, offering unmatched stability and durability for your console.
Innovative Controller Storage: The package includes two easily removable hooks, designed for hanging your controllers. These hooks offer effortless assembly and disassembly, allowing for convenient storage and access to your controllers whenever needed.
Optimized for Cooling: Our bracket¡¯s design prioritizes your console's longevity, featuring strategically placed ventilation holes at the base. This ensures excellent heat management, maintaining optimal performance without the risk of overheating, even when mounted in space-saving locations like behind your TV.
Maximize Your Space: Elevate your gaming area by securely mounting your PS5 Slim on the wall or behind your television. This not only safeguards your console from unintended bumps and spills but also reclaims precious space, creating a cleaner, more organized entertainment environment.
Comprehensive Installation Kit: Every purchase comes complete with an extensive mounting kit, including a screwdriver, console and bracket fixing screws, a bulging plug, and a hole calibration label, providing everything you need for a secure installation.

Please note, while a drill is required for installation, it is not included in the package.
This bracket is not suitable for the PS5 standard models released in 2020.

Package Includes:
1 x Suspension Bracket
1 x Bracket Fixing Screw Kit
1 x Console Fixing Screw
1 x Screwdrivers
2 x Controller Storage Bracket
1 x Hole Calibration Lable

Product Including Packaging Weight:426g
Product Including Packaging Size:23.5*11.5*3.9cm

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