PGTECH Multifunctional Charging Dock with Disc Rack for PS5 Slim Disc/Digital Edition-Black(GP-521)



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Tailor-Made for PS5: Specially designed to accommodate both PS5 Slim Disc and Digital versions, this multifunctional charging dock seamlessly integrates with your gaming setup. Its sleek black design not only complements the PS5 aesthetics but also serves as a practical addition to your gaming station.
Dual Controller Charging: Efficiently charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously with this dock. It features an intuitive orange light indicator that signifies charging and turns blue when the controllers are fully charged. The charging process is quick and efficient, taking only 2.5 to 3 hours to fully power up your controllers, ensuring they are ready for your next gaming session.
Enhanced Cooling System: Equipped with a built-in turbo fan offering 3 adjustable gears, this dock significantly improves heat dissipation for your PS5. This feature helps in maintaining optimal performance and prolonging the life of your console by preventing overheating during extended gaming sessions.
Game Cartridge Storage: The dock includes a storage space of holding up to 12 PS5 game cartridges. This design promotes neat and organized storage, allowing you to keep your favorite games within easy reach.
Sturdy Construction: Crafted with a combination of high-quality ABS and metal, the dock promises durability and stability. These blend of materials also contributes to the dock's overall stability, keeping your gaming equipment securely in place.

Input:5V 2.8A
Output:5V 2.6A

In order to ensure normal operation of the stand, please use the dedicated charging cable for the base to connect to the P-5 console.

Package Includes:
1 x Multifunctional Cooling Fan
1 x Y-Shaped Power Cable
1 x Fixing Screw
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 963g
Product Including Packaging Size: 27.8*25.4*8.5cm

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