PGTECH Horizontal Base Stand with 4 USB Hubs for PS5 Slim DE/UHD Gaming Console-White(GP-528)



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Enhanced Stability for PS5 Slim: This Horizontal Base Stand is engineered specifically for the PS5 Slim DE/UHD. It provides a strong and stable platform, effectively preventing wobbling or tilting. Its robust design minimizes the risk of console damage, ensuring your gaming sessions remain uninterrupted.
Perfect Compatibility: Tailored for the PS5 Slim, the stand offers a flawless fit for both disk and digital editions. Its precise design matches the console's dimensions, ensuring seamless compatibility and ease of use.
Integrated USB Hubs: Equipped with 4 USB ports, this stand simplifies connectivity. It allows easy attachment of controllers, external storage, and other peripherals, enhancing your gaming setup's functionality and accessibility.
Space-Saving Design: The stand's horizontal orientation reduces vertical space requirements, making it ideal for compact entertainment setups. It allows more flexible positioning in limited spaces, optimizing your gaming area.
Improved Cooling: Designed to ensure proper airflow, the stand aids in maintaining optimal cooling for the PS5 Slim. This feature is critical for preventing overheating and maintaining the console's long-term performance and reliability.

Package Includes:
1 x 4 in 1 Horizontal Base Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 219.3g
Product Including Packaging Size: 25.5*8.3*5.4cm

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