ODV-II Component/CVBS/S-Video to Component Converter for Retro Gaming Console



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-This converter processes composite CVBS, S-video and YPbPr into YPbPr component, specially designed for using with OSSC and for a variety of applications.
-You can easily add S-video and composite video inputs to the OSSC, capture card or any monitors and other display devices with component video inputs.
-Easy to control. Buttons and LED indicators available to show input signal and working status.
-Powered via Micro USB 5V (adapter excluded).
-No adding any scaling, processing or input delay, making it ideal for using with classic CRT monitors and OSSC.

-Input interface: composite CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr
-Input Formats: Automatic switch between NTSC, NTSC-443, PAL, PAL-60, and SECAM (Pal-M Consoles in Brazil are NOT supported).
-Output interface: YPbPr component
-Output Modes: Direct, blur, frequency doubling, frequency doubling and filter.
-Filter Effect: Correct the filter.
-Power: Micro USB 5V
-Product Size: about 108 x 70 x 30mm

-This product needs to be used with high-quality video cables, otherwise there may be shaking or black screen phenomenon.
-Pal-M Consoles in Brazil are NOT supported.
-Power adapter is NOT included.

Package Includes:
1 x Component Signal Converter
1 x Component AV Cable
1 x 80cm USB Cable
1 x Use Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 201.5g
Product Including Packaging Size: 15*10.2*4cm

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