ODV-GBS-C Component/VGA/Scart to VGA/HDMI Scan Converter for Retro Gaming Console



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-This ODV GBS-C Converter is specially designed for classic retro game consoles. It converts YPbPr component and RGB signals to standard HDMI and VGA signals for easy connection to modern TVs and displays. Support low solution output function of reverse direction analog signal. Solve problems of common converter (such as OSSC) got.
-Lag free. Support dynamic de-interleaving, scanline effect and no delay for 240p/480i switching.
-Also process 480p, 480i, 240p signal to 240p resolution.
-Feature separate audio input and output. You may connect it to earphones or other audio devices.
-Utilizing the additional R/G/B knobs on the converter, user can further fine-tune the output color degree of red, green and blue respectively to meet their needs.
-With LED display and control button for setting. Easy to control. You can modify setting directly from your computer or mobile phone via WiFi connection (details refer to manual).
-Powered via DC 12V/2A. Firmware upgradable via computer.

-Input Interface: RGBS SCART (broom head input), component YPbPr, VGA/RGBHV, stereo audio
-Input Format: support all common host analog signal input
-Output Interface: HDMI (digital), VGA (analog), stereo audio
-Output Formats: HDMI 720p/960p/1080p, VGA low solution 15KHz/straight-through
-Conversion direction: analog signal to digital signal, analog signal output in low solution mode
-Dynamic de-interleaving: dynamically enhanced de-interleaving 480i, while supporting traditional Bob line-doubling de-fielding
-Low zero delay: no extra zero delay is added to ensure the original feel.
-No Lag: 240P/480I switch (such as Silent Hill Inventory) without re-synchronization. Displayed image does not lag
-Picture quality enhancement: support adjustable scanline, color quality, brightness gain and picture quality
-Power: DC 12V/2A

-Green synchronous switch adapts to RGBS signal 480P format only. Input of other formats cannot be opened, otherwise the signal can not be recognized.
-To use the low solution output function, select the direct or 15kHz option in the Settings screen.
-Scanline effect only supports 240p.
-Video cables are not included.

Package Includes:
1 x ODV GBS-C Converter
1 x 1.5M Power Cord
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 545g
Product Including Packaging Size: 25.8*14.1*5.8cm

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