Dust Cover with Portable Controller Holder for Xbox Series X



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-The heat dissipation holes of Xbox Series X console are too large? Our dust cover helps you get rid of these troubles.
-Effectively protects the console from foreign objects like dust, pet hair, or any other small debris falling into it and prevent children put fingertips into it.
-Perfectly align with the console. The original vents of Xbox Series X are recessed from all sides to the center so the dust cover will not block the original vents. Heat dissipation function is not affected.
-Come with 2 game controller/headset mount holders can be freely assembled or detached. Easy to use and does not require punching or gluing. Keep your gaming place clean and tidy.
-Easy to install. Just align the hole on the top of the console and put the dust filter down to fix it. No tools like screws and adhesive tape are needed.
-Made of ABS material. Durable and light weight.
-Compatible with Xbox Series X console only (NOT Xbox Series S/Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X).

Package Includes:
1 x Dust Cover
2 x Controller Mount Hanger

Product Including Packaging Weight: 140g
Product Including Packaging Size: 18.5*15.7*3.5cm

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