Multifunctional LED Cooling Stand with Dual Controller Charging for PS5 UHD/Digitial Edition-White/Black(Not for PS5 Slim)



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Not for PS5 Slim

-All-in-one multi-functional vertical cooling stand specially designed for PS5 UHD and Digital Edition consoles.
-Built-in dual high speed cooling fan. Powerful heat dissipation extracts the internal heat of console quickly. Effectively keep your PS5 game console cool and improve the operational life span.
-Dual charger design allows you to charge up to two controllers simultaneously. Charging time about 4 hours. LED indicators to show charging status.
-Come with magnetic charging dongles. Protect your controller charging ports from daily use damage.
-Extra USB ports for connecting wired controller and other USB accessories (NOT for external hard disk).
-Power by the game console via USB cable (included). No additional power source required.
-Come with a fix screw to secure your game console. Compact and easy to set up. Keep your place neat and tidy.

-Input voltage : DC5V
-Input current: 3A
-Fan speed: 3100RPM+300 RPM/Min
-Fan current: 230 MA
-Controller charging voltage: DC5.1V 800mA x 2

NOTE: If the PS5 console is turned off/sleep mode, the fan and charging dock will not function.

Package Includes:
1 x Cooling Stand
4 x Magnetic Charging Dongles
1 x Fix Screw
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 616g
Product Including Packaging Size: 33*20*4.7cm

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