Multifunctional HDTV HDMI Adapter for PS1/PS2



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This multi-functional HDTV HDMI Adapter allows you to connect PS2/PS1 console to a HDTV and play games in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Support switching between 480p or 720p resolution. Low latency. Provide clear and stable picture, play games without lag. Easy to hook up, plug and play, no drivers needed.

-The S-VIDEO signal source is used to do video processing output HDMI. Convert and upscale the analog signals to digital HDMI signals for modern HDTVs/monitors/projectors for gameplay.
-Synchronized audio and video inputs. Provide advanced signal processing with great precision, colors, resolutions and details.
-One switch to change the display ratio to fit your own preferences and experience different game effects. -Support switching 480p/720p resolution.
-Support screen ratio 4:3/16:9 switching.
-Powered by USB 5V (USB power cable included).
-Easy to use. Plug and play. No driver required. Compatible with PS2/PS1 consoles only.

-Additional DC 5V/1A power source is required (NOT included).
-DOES NOT support HDMI converter/connector/capture card. Must connect the cable from direct output of console to direct input of the HDTV.

Package Includes:
1 x Multi-functional HDMI Adapter
1 x Power Cord

Product Including Packaging Weight: 94.5g
Product Including Packaging Size: 15*10*3cm

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