Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board (MM00005787)



  • $66.88


- Audio Support (PS4)

- Two Analog Sticks Support

- No 8 minutes timeout issue (PS4)

- X-Input Support (PC)

- Console Auto Detection

- SOCD Cleaner Support

- Multi-Console Support(PS3/PS4/PC/SWITCH)

- Compatible with PS3/PS4/PC

- Turbo Support

?Turbo function are supported

- Effortless Installation

Screw terminal block fore easy connections

- Firmware Upgradable

Upgrade firmware via USB

Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board also support "Switch"


Package Include:

1 x Fighting Board

1 x Audio / USB Connector Board

1 x Cable

1 x Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 82g
Product Including Packaging Size: 13.7*8.7*3.2cm

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