KJH Adjustable Head Strap for Oculus Quest 3(KJH-OQ3-006)



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Improved Comfort for Extended Play: This head strap reduces head and face pressure, ensuring a truly comfortable VR experience. Perfect for lengthy gaming sessions, it allows for deeper immersion in virtual reality video games without discomfort.
Enhanced Cushioning with Easy Maintenance: Featuring a thicker (1cm) top strap cushion and a soft PU leather surface, our strap offers improved comfort and reduced pressure. The material is easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and quality even with regular use.
Innovative Flippable Hinge: We've upgraded the strap with an adjustable flippable hinge, making it incredibly easy to wear and remove. Ideal for glasses wearers and VR developers, the hinge allows you to swiftly return to reality without removing the headset.
Balanced and Secure Fit: Our soft, flexible silicone back pad cradles your head, ensuring a balanced and comfortable fit for any VR experience. The anti-sweat and waterproof design facilitate effortless cleaning.
Lightweight, Portable, and Compatible: Weighing only 190g, our head strap is not only light but also fully compatible with Meta Quest 3 accessories. Includes an elite headstrap and a user manual for quick, easy installation in just three steps.

Only compatible with Meta Quest 3.

Package Includes:
1 x Adjustable Head Strap
1 x User Manual

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Product Including Packaging Weight: 316g
Product Including Packaging Size: 20.9*18*8cm

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