JYS Adjustable Folding Stand for ROG Ally/Steamdeck/Nintendo Switch/Mobile Phone-White(JYS-RA001)



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Versatile Compatibility: Our adjustable folding stand is a one-stop solution for your multiple devices. It can securely hold your ROG Ally, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, and tablets. Whether you're gaming or working, this stand caters to all your needs.
3 Adjustable Angles: Tailor your viewing or gaming angle to your precise needs with three different angle settings. The flexibility of adjusting the angles ensures reduced neck and back strain, offering a comfortable experience.
Advanced Heat Dissipation: Don't let your device overheat during intense gaming sessions or while binge-watching. Our stand features four strategically-placed heat dissipation holes to keep your device cool, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
Stable and Secure: The bottom of the stand is equipped with a non-slip pad design, providing extra stability and minimizing the risk of your device tipping over. With the non-slip pad, you can comfortably use your device without worrying about it sliding or falling.
Compact and Portable: Despite its robust features, this stand is small and easy to carry. Its foldable design allows for effortless storage.Keep it in your backpack or carry-on, and you'll always have the perfect stand when you need it!

Package includes:
1x Adjustable Folding Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 123g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17.9*10.1*2.9cm

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