Iplay RGB Vertical Stand for PS5 Slim Disc/Digital Edition Console-Transparent(HBP-575)



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Stunning RGB Lighting: Features 8 vibrant colors and 4 modes, including bright mode, gradient mode, flow light mode, flash, etc. It creates a cool and fashionable gaming atmosphere that significantly enhances your gaming setup.
Perfect and Universal Compatibility: Perfectly fits PS5 Slim Disc and Digital Editions, ensuring compatibility with all models for a flawless£¬ seamless and worry-free gaming experience. The best choice for game enthusiasts.
Sturdy & Protective: Equipped with an anti-slip silicone mat that ensures stability and protection for your console, featuring a sleek transparent design that adds a touch of elegance while preventing any damage.
Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup involves locking the coin screw from the bottom hole of the stand and inserting the buckle into the USB port, making it extremely convenient and user-friendly.
Smart Touch Sensing: Effortlessly switch light modes with a touch, featuring a dust-free, easy-to-clean surface. Constructed from high-quality PC material, it offers exceptional durability, heat resistance, and cold resistance for long-lasting use.

This is designed for PS5 Slim only , not compatible with the old PS5 model
This product can turn off the light when powered on. Just press the sensor switch to switch to the last mode.
Do not over-squeeze the USB cable that comes with the product to avoid damage.
The light button is touch-sensitive, the force should be moderate. If there is no response, try pressing it a few more times.

Package Includes:
1 x Vertical Stand
1 x Coin Screw

Product Including Packaging Weight: 142g
Product Including Packaging Size: 15.7*15.3*1.8cm

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