iPlay Magnetic Charging Dock for P5 VR2 Controller-White(HBP-6479)



  • $7.75

Magnetic Connector: The Magnetic Charging Dock for P5 VR2 Controller features a magnetic connector that ensures a secure and stable connection between the dock and your controller, allowing for easy and reliable charging.
LED Indicator: The dock is equipped with LED indicator lights that display the charging status of your controller. When your controller is fully charged, the LED light turns green, and when it is charging, the LED light turns red.
Circuit Protection: This charging dock is designed with circuit protection to prevent overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating, ensuring the safety of your controller while charging.
Save Space: The compact design of the Magnetic Charging Dock for P5 VR2 Controller saves space and allows you to keep your controller and dock together, making it easy to find and store.
Fast Charging: The dock supports input and output of 5.28V-1000MA-2000MA, allowing for fast and efficient charging of your controller. With a charging time of about 1.5-2 hours, you'll be back to gaming in no time.

Package Includes:
1 x Charging dock
4 x Magnetic connector
1 x Type-c cable 80cm

Product Including Packaging Weight: 222g
Product Including Packaging Size: 20*9*4.5cm

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