Iplay Body Sensing Sand Hammer for Nintendo Switch-Blue/Red(HBS-518)



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Exclusive design:The body sensing sand hammer is suitable for N-Switch Game "Samba de Amig".You can wave it to make some noise which will bring you more realistic game feelings and improve your game experience.
Superior meterials:The body sensing sand hammer is made of durable and high-quality ABS plastic meterials,it feels very comfortable and lightweight.You will not feel tried even when you play games for a long time.
Simple installation:You just align the J-con controller with the grip groove and load it into the body sensing sand hammer.The sand hammer also can be disassemble into the handle grip part and the sand hammer when you have a need.
Humanization design:Each body sensing sand hammer can be used for left J-con controller or right J-con controller.It has a adjustable tape which is used to fix your hand.So you will not worry about the J-con controller will be flyed out when playing.
Nice appearance:This body sensing sand hammer has a very colorful appearance.It looks very fashionable.It is very suitable whatever you want to use it for yourself or give it to your friends as a gift.

Package includes:
2x body sensing sand hammers

Notes:This product is suitable for N-Switch Game "Samba de Amig".

Product Including Packaging Weight: 146g
Product Including Packaging Size: 26.6*8.8*7cm

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