iPlay 20 In 1 Sport Game Accessories for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED Joy-Con (HBS-461)



  • $18.37

-This all-in-one sport accessories bundle set includes all you need for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED sports game and other somatosensory games, making the game more realistic and enhancing immersive gaming experience.
-Includes: 2 x hand straps, 2 x leg straps, 2 x tennis rackets, 2 x badminton rackets, 2 x golf poles, 2 x boxing grips and 2 x swordplay grips. Help you save money and experience a variety of sport games.
-Easy to install. Just insert the Joy-Con and start to enjoy the game! Precision cutouts for full access of all Joy-Con buttons and ports.
-Also come with a dual Joy-Con controller charger and 2 different pairs of enhanced thumb caps.
-Made of ABS material. Lightweight, durable and comfort design. Suitable for both adult and children. All attached with adjustable straps to avoid controller handle falling off during gameplay.
-Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED Joy-Con controllers. Start the sport game and play soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, swordplay and more with your families and friends now!

Package Includes:
2 x Tennis Rackets
2 x Swordplay Grips
2 x Boxing Grips
2 x Badminton Rackets
2 x Golf Poles
2 x Hand Straps
2 x Leg Straps
2 x Short Thumb Stick
2 x Tall Thumb Stick
1 x Dual Joy-Con Controller Charger
1 x 30cm Type-C Charging Cable
10 x Wrist Straps

Product Including Packaging Weight: 780g
Product Including Packaging Size: 35.4*25.3*8.3cm

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