MayFlash N64 Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch/Windows PC (MF103)



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- The for N64 Controller Adapter allows you to connect up to two for N64 Controllers to your for Nintendo Switch System or for PC Windows.
- With two for N64 Controller Adapters, up to four for N64 controllers can be used at the same time.
- Supports PC X-input and D-input.
- Supports for Turbo/Auto Fire/Hold functions. The Left Stick and D-Pad can be switched.
- Firmware upgradable
- Cable Length: about 180cm

Quick Start Guide
1. To set for Turbo for individual buttons, press and hold the for TURBO 1(or for TURBO2) button and the button you wish to set for Turbo .
2. Repeat the above operation to set the Auto Fire for this button.
3. Repeat the above operation again to set the Hold for this button.
4. Do it again to cancel the for Turbo, Auto Fire or Hold function for this button.
5. To clear all for Turbo settings for all buttons, quickly press the for TURBO 1 (or for TURBO 2) button twice.

LED Indicators for the for TURBO 1 and for TURBO 2
Player 1: for TURBO 1
Player 2: for TURBO 2
LED Indicator stays light: One button or some buttons have been set for Turbo, Auto Fire or Hold.
LED Indicator blinks quickly: The buttons set for Turbo, Auto Fire or Hold are in use.
LED Indicator goes off: No any buttons are set for Turbo, Auto Fire or Hold.

Switch the Left Stick and D-Pad
1. To switch the D-Pad to the left stick, press and hold the button "START" and "A" for 3 seconds.
2. To switch back the D-Pad, press and hold the button "START" and "B" for 3 seconds.
3. The changes will be saved automatically. If you change it for the player 1, the player 2 will have the same setting.

NOTE: The HOME button on the adapter works for the Player 1 only

Package Includes:
1 x MAYFLASH for N64 Controller Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 164g
Product Including Packaging Size: 14.1*11*3.5cm

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