Heatsink Thermal Pad with Back Cover Opening Tools for Steam Deck SSD



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Exclusively for Steam Deck 2230 SSD: Our Heatsink Thermal Pad is specifically engineered to fit Steam Deck 2230 SSDs, offering precise compatibility and maximum heat dissipation for smoother gameplay.
All-in-One Installation Kit: Your purchase comes complete with a pure copper heatsink, essential opening pry tools, thermal pads, a screwdriver, and an assortment of screws, making backplate removal and installation hassle-free.
Superior Pure Copper Heatsink: Crafted from pure copper, our heatsink excels in heat dissipation. Reduce the risk of overheating your Steam Deck and elevate your gaming experience to new heights.
Advanced Thermal Pads: Our kit includes both phase change and silicone thermal pads. Not only do they improve heat dissipation, but they also ensure a flat SSD surface, preventing any interference with the shield cover.
Comprehensive Package: Inside you'll find 1 Copper Heatsink, 2 Phase Change Thermal Pads, 2 Silicone Thermal Pads, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Opening Pry Bar, 1 Triangle Pry Tool, and 18 Screws (8 long, 8 short for the backplate, and 2 for the SSD).

The product does not come with an installation guide included in the package.
For assistance with installation, it is recommended to utilize online resources

Package Includes:
1 x Heatsink Thermal Pad Kit

Product Including Packaging Weight: 25.2g
Product Including Packaging Size: 8.7*3.5*1.3cm

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