DOBE Cooling Fan for PS4 Pro Gaming Console - Black TP4-831



  • $7.20

For PS4 Pro only

The ps4 pro console is hotter when working than the PS4 and PS4 Slim consoles , cause the PS4 Pro owner need it more , it is economical and environmental , Saving the electricity , this product begins to work when the temperature is above 40 ?? , vert easy to install , if you want to test it , please using the hair dryer , it is funny but also obvious.

How to use:
Connect the power cable correctly.
Turn the switch to ??? TURBO??? or ???SLOW???.
This product stops working when turn the switch to ???OFF???.

Product specification:
1. Application scope: PS4 Pro console.
2. Working voltage: DC 5V.
3. Fan type?? DC 5V 0.15A, 10000??10%RPM.
4. Product material: ABS.
5. Accessory: 1PC DC power cable .
6.Cooling number : 5.

Package Included:
1 x Cooling Fan
1 x DC power cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 230g
Product Including Packaging Size: 32.5*8.2*6cm

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