Dustproof Silicone Protective Case Cover for PS5 Slim Disc Edition-Black



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Tailor-Made for PS5 Slim Console Disc Edition: Crafted exclusively for the PS5 Slim Console Disc Edition, this silicone protective case assures a perfect fit. It's important to note that this case is not suitable for the PS5 Slim Console Digital Edition.
High quality materials: Constructed from high-quality silicone, this case is not only waterproof and dust-proof but also scratch-resistant.Its durable design effectively shields your console from everyday hazards and maintains its pristine condition.
Aesthetically Pleasing Design: The case features a spray-painted surface, enhancing the tactile experience and providing a more comfortable grip. This also enhances the overall look of your console, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.
Effortless Installation: Designed for easy installation, this case ensures a hassle-free application while providing easy access to all ports and buttons. Its precise fit maintains the design of your console, ensuring that functionality is not compromised.
Ideal Present for Gamers: This silicone case is not only a protective accessory but also boasts a contemporary design and useful characteristics, making it a perfect gift for gaming enthusiasts. It combines style, comfort, and protection into one sleek package.

Attention : Please remove the dust cover when you turn on the console to avoid overheat

Package includes:
A set of Dustproof Silicone Protective Case Covers for PS5 Slim Console Disc Edition

Product Including Packaging Weight: 311g
Product Including Packaging Size: 25.5*6.7*6.7cm

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