DOBE Vertical Charging Stand With Extra USB Ports for PS4/Slim/Pro (TP4-023B)



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This multi-functional vertical stand allows you to keep your PS4 console from overheat and in vertical position, as well as charging up to two PS4 controllers at the same time. One stand fits for PS4/Slim/Pro consoles. Two levels of fan speed available. With extra 3 USB ports to connect other PS4 peripherals. Increase your PS4 lifetime.

- Space Saving: Keep your console in steady vertical position. Save space for your screen or table.
- Dual Cooling Fans: Keep your console cool. Protect your console from overheating. You can switch between two levels of fan speed.
- 2 Controller Charging Ports: Charge 2 game controllers simultaneously, saving your time when need to charge the controllers.
- Extra USB Ports: Provide fast data transferring and charging for other devices such as phones, controllers, power bank, etc.
- No extra power supply. Powered by USB connected to console.
- Compatible with PS4/Slim/Pro consoles.

NOTE: This vertical stand does NOT charge when PS4 is off or in sleeping mode.

Package Includes:
1 x Charging Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 491g
Product Including Packaging Size: 42*14.5*3.8cm

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