DOBE Taiko Drum for PS4/Slim/Pro (TP4-1761)



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The Taiko Drum is specially made for PS4 game "Taiko Drum Master". It enables you to play Taiko Drum with your friends, families. Players earn points to clear each stage of the game by tapping along with whimsical graphics and orchestrated music.

Soft Surface and Sensitive Reaction: made from silica gel, good sense of touch, to enjoy the game experience. Provide you the opportunity to put your skills to the test and compete against online players.

How it works:
1. Insert the USB plug into the USB interface of the game console,
2. Insert the Micro USB plug into the PS4 controller.
3. Pressing the "PS" key of the controller, then connect controller ,Pressing "HOME" key to switch to the Taiko mode. Now you are ready to play!.

1. Please unplug the power cable when not in use.
2. Do not use and store in a humid environment.
3. Please keep it from dust and heavy press to prolong its life span.
4. Stop using immediately if it is soaked, crash or damage.
5. Do not use external heating devices like hair dryer / microwave to dry it.
6. Do not disassemble yourself if it is not working else warranty will be voided.
7. Not suitable for Children.

Package Includes:
2 x Drumstick
1 x Drum Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 955g
Product Including Packaging Size: 27.7*27.7*8.9cm

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