DOBE PWM Cooling Fan with Headset Hanger Mount for Xbox Series X/Series S-Black(TYX-3606)



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Specially Designed Compatibility: Perfectly crafted for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, this multi functional radiator integrates seamlessly with your console. Its universal design not only enhances your gaming setup but also ensures optimal functionality.
Advanced Cooling Technology: Equipped with a large-size, ultra-quiet fan and a built-in high-precision microprocessor control chip, this device automatically detects the console's temperature and adjusts accordingly.
Enjoy gaming sessions free from overheating concerns with three temperature settings: 37¡ãC (low gear¡Ö1000RPM), 42¡ãC (middle gear¡Ö1160RPM), and 55¡ãC (high gear¡Ö1400RPM).
Dynamic Visual Experience: The unit features automatic light changes that correspond with temperature shifts, adding an immersive and aesthetic touch to your gaming environment. This smart feature enhances your setup's visual appeal while keeping you informed of the heating status.
Space-Saving: Streamline your gaming area with dual controller or headset holders. This compact design not only saves space but also keeps your gaming accessories organized and within reach.
Extended Playtime: This cooling stand comes with two rechargeable batteries, ensuring your gaming sessions are prolonged with consistent power supply.?
Never worry about running out of charge during critical gaming moments.
Power input: TYPE-C 5V 2A
Output interface: USB2.0 x 2 (one with data)
Battery pack charging slots: 2 (battery pack dedicated charging port)
Package Includes:
1 x PWM Cooling Fan
2 x Rechargable Battery
2 x Controller Holder
1 x Type-c Power Cable
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 483g
Product Including Packaging Size: 22*15.8*4.8cm


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