DOBE Multifunction Vertical Cooling Stand with Dual USB Charger Dock for PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro Console (TP4-882)



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- All-In-One: Vertical stand + cooler + controller charging station + games storage + USB hub ports + 30cm USB cable.
- Universal Vertical Stand: Fit for PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / Regular PS4, allows your console to be used safely in a vertical position. Anti-slip EVA on its two sides to aviod scratching and slipping of the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro console.
- High-Efficiency Cooling System: Three cooling fans keep your console cool and clam, disperse heat from console, improve the operational life span.
- Less Time-Consuming Charging: with 2 extra charging ports can expedite the charge of your both controllers simultaneously. NOTE: Charger will stop working when console OFF/SLEEP mode.
- Game Storage: Features 12 slots to organizes your gaming space, store your games to keep them in order and within reach.
- Supply power from the game console USB ports, no extra adapter.
- Console, game controllers and game discs are NOT included

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Supply power: USB 5V (connect the included USB cable with the console)
Output current: max. 800mA when the PS4 controller is charging; average 400mA when 2 controllers are charging (no fan is working)
Max fan speed: 5000 +/- 10% PRM
Max air output: 12.6 CFM
Charging time: 2.5-3 hours

Package Includes:
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable(30CM)
1 x P4 Series Multi-functional Cooling Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 627g
Product Including Packaging Size: 27*22*9cm

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