Dobe 4 In 1 Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED Joy-Con (TNS-0122)



  • $5.07


1. It can charge four Switch (Joy-Con) L/R handles at the same time;
2. There is a USB2.0 female port on the back of the product (left rear) with USB2.0 data transmission function. When using this product, it does not occupy the USB 2.0 interface on the original base. This port can be connected to the Switch wired handle;
3. This product is designed with a USB 2.0 male input port, which can be plugged into the original base USB female port;
4. Adopt intelligent MCU control circuit, built-in self-recovery insurance at the input end, with over-current protection function, short-circuit protection function (output short-circuit or load current greater than 1.5A cuts off the output), which effectively improves product safety performance;
5. This product has two charging instructions, red light and green light. The red light is displayed during charging, and the green light is displayed when it is fully charged or without a handle, which is simple and intuitive;
6. There are 2 game card slots on the right side of the product, which can store 2 Switch commonly used game cards at any time.
Product Including Packaging Weight: 178.6g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17*13.8*4.6cm

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