DOBE 1080p Protable Video Converter for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED/Steam Deck/Android Devices (TY-1764B)



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-This portable video converter is specially designed for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED, Steam Deck and some of the Android devices. Replace the function of original Switch Dock and more convenient to use.
-Feature a HDMI port, a USB3.0 port and a PD charging port.
-The HDMI port supports up to 1080P output. Allow you to mirror the image to your monitor or HDTV without the original Dock.
-The USB3.0 port supports wired connection of gamepad controller, adapter and other gaming peripherals. Backward compatible with USB2.0 or earlier.
-Compact and lightweight. Convenient to be carried around. Made by Third Party, NOT official item.

-To play games while charging, the original Switch power adapter or standard Type-C adapter (15V2.6A PD protocol) must be used. To use with 5V/2A Type-C adapter, charging is NOT supported while playing games.
-The function of USB 3.0 data interface is the same as that of the original dock. It only supports peripheral products and devices for Switch.
-To use with Android mobile phone or laptop devices, please ensure the OTG function is supported and must be turned on before using the product.
-To use with HDMI for mirror mode, your PC, tablet, cellphone MUST support "Display Output" over USB C.
-The USB-C female port supports PD charging only, not for data transfer. PD charging adapter is NOT included.
-Original Switch power adapter or Type-C power adapter are not included.

Package Includes:
1 x 1080p Portable Video Converter

Product Including Packaging Weight: 65.7g
Product Including Packaging Size: 15.5*8.7*2.3cm

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