DIY Replacement Back Shell Case Set for Steam Deck-Clear Brown



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Superior Material:Built from premium-quality Plastic ABS, this replacement back shell guarantees durability. Incorporated within is a metal dust filter that keeps your device free from dust and debris, ensuring optimal functioning at all times.
Superior Heat Management: Our back shell comes with an increased number of heat dissipation holes. This feature not only maintains an optimal device temperature during rigorous gaming sessions but also extends the lifespan of your Steam Deck.
Elevated User Experience: The unique frosted texture of the back shell offers an upgraded tactile sensation. Additionally, its anti-slip properties ensure the device sits comfortably in your hands, reducing the risk of accidental drops.
Precision-Crafted Design: Designed with a 1:1 ratio mold opening, it guarantees an exact fit for your Steam Deck. This precision ensures a straightforward assembly process, making it a breeze to swap out your existing back shell.
Bonus Heightening Back Button: To cater to various preferences, this package includes a complimentary textured back heightening button. You can choose between two height options - original and high, tailoring your Steam Deck to your comfort and gaming style.

Package includes:
1x Replacement Back Shell for Steam Deck
10x Anti-static finger gloves
2x Heightening Back Button
1x Auxiliary Removal Tool
1x "+"Screwdriver
8x Screws
1x Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 254g
Product Including Packaging Size: 31.8*13.3*3.8cm

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