Collective Minds Wired Strike Pack Eliminator for Xbox Series X|S Controller


Collective Minds

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The Strike Pack Eliminator device upgrades your controller with four action buttons and the essential MODs (Macros On Demand) to get you started, without any permanent modification or voiding of your warranty. Simply attach the adapter to your controller, plug in the 10ft cable, and get ready to experience lightning reaction times and unlimited control. Hundreds of MOD combinations are possible; Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Turbo, and much more - all ready when you need them! Enjoy a gaming experience on a whole new level!

-FOUR REMAPPABLE BUTTONS: Direct mapping of any 16 controller functions or MODS to either one of the four hyper response back buttons. Free your thumbs and keep them on the sticks, increasing your response times and giving you a definitive advantage over other players to dominate your gaming sessions.
-VARIOUS BUILT-IN CONTROLLER MODS: Include: hair triggers, rapid fire, drop shot, anti-recoil, auto run and many more. Additional GAME SPECIFIC MODS available through MOD PASS subscription service (optional) including FORTNITE, APEX LEGENDS, COD and many others.
-ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Precision crafted to fit the official standard Xbox Series 1914 model controllers. Button height and placement reduce strain and enhance comfort and feel. 10ft/3m USB cable included for lag free gaming. Ensure lightning fast response times while maintaining a comfortable and intuitive experience.
-Compatible with any official standard Type C Xbox Series X|S Controller with model 1914 (NOT Xbox One/Elite/Elite 2 controllers)

-Please update to the latest firmware before use. Latest firmware and Windows Mod Central Configurator Tool can be downloaded from Collective Minds official website.
-Compatible with Type-C Xbox Series X|S controller model 1914 ONLY. Other Xbox One and Elite Controller Series are NOT supported.
-Windows 10 or higher PC required to update product to the latest firmware. Updated firmware required for optimal usage.

Package Includes:
1 x Strike Pack Eliminator for XSX/XSS
1 x 10ft/3m Connection Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 290g
Product Including Packaging Size: 14.2*12.7*5.7cm

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