Charging Dock for PS5 Edge Controller



  • $5.25

Type-C Charging: Experience the convenience of fast and safe charging with the Type-C Charging Dock specially designed for Ps5 Controller EDGE. The charging base comes with two USB 3.1 ports that ensure 5V2A charging speed, making your gaming sessions uninterrupted and enjoyable.

Charging indicator light: Know the charging status of the controller at any time through the built-in charging indicator light. An orange light means the controller is charging, and a blue light means it is fully charged. This feature lets you know when your controller is ready to take action.

Charging Protection: This charging base is made of high-quality environmentally friendly plastic. Protects your controller from overcharging, short circuit and overheating, thereby ensuring the longevity of your PS5 controller EDGE.

SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL LOOK: The sleek and elegant design of this charging dock makes it a stylish addition to any gaming setup. Its combination of convenience, functionality, and beauty makes it a great gift option for gaming enthusiasts for any occasion.

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