Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch Joy Con-Black (RTT13)



  • $3.50

Durability & Portability: Crafted with high-quality materials, our charging cable is robust and resistant to wear. Its sleek, lightweight construction allows it to be conveniently stowed in pockets or bags.
Efficient Charging: Designed for dual functionality, this cable supports 2 Switch gamepads simultaneously. Experience a rapid charge time of? 3.5 hours for Joy-Cons or Pro controllers.
User-Friendly Interface: With a slide-in mechanism, this cable ensures stable connections while keeping your JoyCon controllers organized.
Intuitive Indicators: The built-in LED light signals charging status , red during charging and green upon completion. When not in use, the LED remains unlit for a clean look.
Compatibility Note: While perfectly tailored for the Switch Joy-Cons, please note that the Switch, Joy-Cons, and charging head are not included in the purchase.

Package Includes:
1 x 40cm Joy Con Charging Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 23.5g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.8*12.*1cm

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