Brook X One Adapter Extra for PS4/Switch/PC/Xbox One - Black (FM00007263)



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With the X One Adapter EXTRA, you can use the Xbox One/Elite 1 controller to play your favorite games on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. X One Adapter EXTRA will release the full potential of your Xbox One controller to rock your gaming experience! And double power will give you double time to challenge!

- Support Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC(XID), Android 9 or above and iOS 13 or above
- Support to play Steam game on PC in NS mode
- Support Turbo and Remap for PS4/Switch/PC
- Support to play PS4 Games on PS5
- Chargeable Battery 2X. Last up to 10hrs.
- Support Motion Control for PS4/Switch
- Emulate PS4 Touchpad via Combo Keys for PS4
- Audio Function for PS4/Xbox One
- Compatible with Xbox One/Elite 1 (Micro USB charging port) controllers only.

- Due to recent firmware (Nov 2021) of Xbox One controllers, wireless connection with the adapter is not supported. Please make sure you have upgraded the X One Extra to latest version (released Jan 2022) to solve the problem.
- For Switch/PS4, please wired use for the 1st time. On Switch, please make sure "Setting > Controller and Sensor > Pro Controller Wired Communication" is set to "ON".
- For PC, you only need to set the X One Adapter up for the first time. For future use,make sure the Bluetooth on PC has turned on, and short press the Brook Key to awake the controller. Then, it will connect to the PC with Bluetooth wirelessly.
- ONLY compatible with ORIGINAL Microsoft Xbox one Controller and Xbox ONE ELITE Controllers, DOES NOT support Unofficial controllers.
- For a detailed set up instruction and compatibility list, please refer to Brook official website. Subject to Brook's official website

Package Includes:
1 x Brook X One Adapter Extra

Product Including Packaging Weight: 104.4g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.3*8.1*5.6cm

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