Brook UFB-UP5 Universal Fighting Board Upgrade Kit for PS5 (EMM0009609)



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Here comes the ultimate support for PS5 - the infinite evolution of your fighting game experiences! Unlike any other fighting board, UFB-UP5 is an upgrade kit providing Universal Fighting Board owners with unprecedented upgrades and evolution to gaming experiences on the PS5. You're ready for battles on PS5 now!

-Ultimate support for PS5. Support PS5 fighting games. No time out issue PS5.
-Zero delays with stable connection for unlimited enjoyment and fun.
-Included wafer connector. Allows UFB models without pins to be upgraded easily. Just connect Wafer Connect to the J2 pin location on the UFB, then use the included power cable to connect the UFB-UP5.
-Support two SOCD modes.
-No soldering is required. Easy to install and upgrade UFB: 1. Welding wafer connector 2. Connect UFB-UP5 and UFB 3. Firmware update.
-Compact design with size only 2 x 2cm. Allow gamers to power up their fighting stick in the most compact spaces.
-Firmware upgradable.

-Must be used with Brook Universal Fighting Board with a connector pre-soldered at the J2 location (NOT included). CANNOT be used alone.
-NOT work with the Snack Box Micro.
-If there is a component that is not UFB-UP5 in the J2 of UFB, you can remove the component and install the kit. This kit still supports SOCD.

Package Includes:
1 x UFB Upgrade Kit for PS5
1 x 10cm 5-Pin Signal Line (2mm)
1 x 90 degree Wafer Connector (2mm)
1 x 15cm 2-Pin Power Cable (2mm)

Product Including Packaging Weight: 24g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.5*7.6*2.6cm

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