Brook Pocket Auto Catch Lightning for Pokemon Go (FM00008877)



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The Pocket Auto Catch Lightning is a special version of the Pocket Auto Catch, developed by Brook for European users. The simple LED lights and physical buttons are easy to use and pairing. Catching Pokemon and collecting items just get easy!

-Auto catch Pokemon and auto collect items.
-Vibration feedback. Support vibration on/off.
-Single multi-color LED indicator to show various status at a glance.
-Built-in rechargeable battery. 1hr charge time for up to 18hrs working time.
-Water resistant. Feature a function button. More convenient if you have big finger.
-20m wireless transmission range. More stable connection.
-Simple to use. Turn on Bluetooth function of your phone and pair in the game. EASY!
-Support device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokemon GO app installed. Compatible with 1) iPhone 6S or higher devices with iOS 12 or above; 2) Android devices with Ver. 7.0 or above, min. 4Gb RAM & Bluetooth 4.0.

-Please charge for 1-2 hrs before first use.
-If the device does not auto catch Pokemon, please check the no. of red ball in your item bag.
-If there's any pairing problem, please go to the Bluetooth device to remove Pokemon go plus (do not select Pokemon go plus in the Bluetooth device to pair), and then go to the game, Exit Pokemon go plus, re-click the small circle on the screen, and after a new Pokemon go plus appears, reconnect.
-If the device does not respond to charging, please wipe the changing contacts with a eraser and retry again. It may be that the contacts are oxidized, and it can be charged after wiping.
-When it not used over a long period of time, the rechargeable battery may enter the protection mode and cannot be charged smoothly. You can activate the rechargeable battery by pressing and holding the button, then plugging and unplugging the USB charger several times until the white LED flashes, and then releasing the button.
-The device may fail to pair because of the update of Pokemon Go app, or the upgrade of Android and iOS, which is not product quality problem.
-The device will time out automatically every hour or the mobile is idle for 5min. or more. Players have to reconnect it.
-DO NOT charge with Power Bank.

Package Includes:
1 x Pocket Auto Catch Lightning
1 x Wristband
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 43g
Product Including Packaging Size: 11.3*6.8*2.5cm

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