Brook P5 Mini Fighting Board for PS5 Fighting Games/PS4/PS3/Switch/PC (ZPM003P)



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P5 Mini Fighting Board gets a major upgrade, breaking the boundaries of fighting games!

P5 Mini Fighting Board continues to provide its original functions while upgrading to support PS5 fighting games on a PS5 console! Ultra-compact, low latency, compliant with tournament regulations. Suitable for various arcade stick assemblies, delivering exceptional performance that allows you to master every showdown and push beyond the limits of fighting games! Compatible with PS5 (Fighting game) / PS4 / PS3 / Switch / PC.

-Compatible with PS5 (Fighting Games), PS4, PS3, Switch, PC (X-Input).
-Extreme speed, minimal delay. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, boasting lightning-fast response speed that grants you an unbeatable advantage on the battlefield!
-Size only about 4x4cm. Assembled to fit various arcade cabinet dimensions.
-Up to 18 different buttons for configuration.
-Compatible with Led for player (up to 4).
-Support 4 SOCD modes, which comply with the competition specification.
-Support TURBO, LS/RS/DP switching, and stick/touch pad emulate.
-Console auto-detection. Also support manual connection to PS5/PS4/PC consoles.
-Firmware upgradable.

-NO tools or instruction included. Soldering maybe required. Cables are NOT included.
-For details of setting, please refer to Brook official website.

Package Included:
1 x Brook P5 Mini Fighting Board

Product Including Packaging Weight: 10g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.2*9*1cm

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