Brook Fighting Board Cable (ZPP0055)



  • $15.63

Easy plug, easy play! Best pal for Fighting Board! A full set of cables for BROOK Fighting Board series. Just plug it in, and that's all! You don't need more individual wires!

- Full set of cables for BROOK Fighting Board series (Zero-Pi Fighting Board, Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY and so on).
- Harness for exclusive 20pin button joystick and 4pin L3/R3 button
- Made of durable material. Support 2x10 pin header design.
- The connectors and faston terminals are already crimped, and you can complete the wiring by simply inserting the connector into the specified location without the need for screwing or soldering.
- Connectors compact with most Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu or GamerFinger pushbutton.

Package Includes:
1 x 20-pin Button & Joystick Harness
1 x 4-pin Button Harness

Product Including Packaging Weight: 71.3g
Product Including Packaging Size: 20.4*15.0*2.5cm

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