AOLION Magnetic Protective Case for Xbox Series S Console-Camouflage Gray



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Precision-Crafted Fit: Tailored exclusively for the Xbox Series S, our cover skins offer a seamless fit, enhancing your console with a custom, stylish look.
Optimal Cooling: Featuring strategically placed small feet, our wraps facilitate enhanced airflow, crucial for keeping your console cool during long gaming sessions. This design detail is key to maintaining your Xbox Series S's performance.
Protective Elegance: Our Xbox Series S skins provide more than just aesthetics. They safeguard your console from dust, grime, and scratches, all while maintaining a slim profile that doesn't add bulk like traditional cases.
Magnetic Convenience: Installing these wraps is effortless, thanks to their magnetic design. They attach smoothly without any tools or adhesives, and can be removed cleanly, leaving no residue or damage to your console.
Sophisticated Materials: Crafted from a combination of layered, frosted, and textured materials, these wraps offer a distinct tactile experience. They include both solid core panels and a soft PV interior for comprehensive protection. The design ensures complete coverage, wrapping around your console for both style and security.

Do not compatible with Xbox Series X.

Package Includes:
1 x Magnetic Protective Case - Camouflage Gray

Product?Including?Packaging Weight:?403g
Product?Including?Packaging Size:?32.5*17.8*1.95cm

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