Aolion Horizontal Stand with USB Hubs for PS5 Slim DE/UHD Gaming Console-White(AL-P5382)



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Universal Compatibility and Aesthetic Integration: Our stand is meticulously designed to support both the PS5 Slim disc and digital editions, offering a perfect fit that enhances the overall look and feel of your gaming station. Its white design seamlessly integrates into your setup, marrying functionality with style.
4-Port USB Hub for Ultimate Convenience: Equipped with a 4-port USB 2.0 hub, our stand enables efficient data transfer and charging. Charge multiple controllers and devices simultaneously, reducing cable clutter and keeping your gaming area tidy. Note: For optimal power, connect to the PS5 Slim's rear USB port and enable continuous power supply.
Advanced Cooling System: Elevate your console to prevent overheating with our stand that facilitates air circulation. This feature ensures your PS5 Slim remains cool, protecting it during long gaming sessions and extending the lifespan of your console.
Sturdy and Secure: Constructed from high-quality ABS materials with anti-slip pads, our stand offers stability and security for your console. The durable design prevents slips and movements, ensuring your PS5 Slim stays in place.
Effortless Installation and Space-Efficient: Our stand includes a USB cable and screws for a straightforward setup. Its compact design not only secures your PS5 Slim but also saves space, making your gaming area more organized and welcoming.

Package Includes:
1 x Horizontal Stand
1 x Fixing Screw

Product Including Packaging Weight: 251g
Product Including Packaging Size:26*9*6cm

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