8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Wireless Controller for Windows PC/Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED/Switch Lite



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Introducing the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Wireless Controller for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite. Ultimate control, style and performance all for a great price, giving you more ways to play. The custom profile switch button holds 3 custom profiles that can be switched on the fly. Customize button mapping, stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and more with 8BitDo Ultimate Software on Windows. With an enhanced grip, ultimate Bluetooth wireless controller allows you to hold the controller with even less effort.

-Designed with respect for the classics. We paid extra attention to the most critical characteristics like the enhanced D-pad and hall effect sensing joystick, to make sure it feels exactly like you remember it.
-Just download the 8BitDo Ultimate Software now on Windows 10, Android and iOS. It gives you elite control over every piece of your controller. Customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create controller profiles. You can save your settings on a game-by-game basis with the custom profiles and switch on the fly. Support motion control.
-Two extra pro-level back buttons give you more control, so you don't have to take your thumbs off the thumb sticks.
-Feature a 2-way mode switch button at the back. Easy to switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G modes.
-Built-in 1000mAh Li-on rechargeable battery. 22 play hours with 2-3 hours charging time.
-Come with a multi-functional charging dock. Controller will be automatically switching ON/OFF while it is undocked/docked.
-With player indicators and ergonomic grip design. More comfortable to play with. Cable length about 1m, adding extra length to your gameplay while charging.
-Easy to use. Compatible with Windows 10 (1903) and above and Switch 9.0 3.0.0 and above

-Switch 3.0.0 and above
-Windows 10 and above

Controller Mode:
-Switch mode
-X-input mode

-Bluetooth 5.0 (Switch)
-2.4G connectivity (Switch/Windows PC)
-USB-C (Switch/Windows PC)

-OTG support is required on your Android device. Please contact your device manufacturer for more details. OTG cable is required for Android device/Switch Lite (excluded).
-To use on Switch, please ensure "System Setting > Controller and Sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication" is set to "ON".
-NFC scanning, motion control, IR camera, HD rumble, notification LED are NOT supported, nor can the system be waken up.
-For TURBO function, D-pad and joysticks are NOT included.
-The 2.4G receiver is located in the charging dock.

Package Included:
1 x 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Wireless Controller
1 x Charging dock
1 x 2.4G Receiver
1 x USB Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 614g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17.5*16*8.5cm

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