600M Dual Band Wireless Lan Adapter for Laptop/PC-White(EZC-5200BS)



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-This tiny WiFi/BT adapter is a dual band wireless adapter as well as a BT receiver.
-Built-in antenna. Ultra-fast wireless adapter speed up to 600Mbps high speed on 5.8GHz (433Mbps) and 2.4GHz (150Mbps) bands. Dual band reduces interference for better connection. Best device for gaming online and seamless HD video streaming.
-Multi-user MIMO ensures more devices process data simultaneously, no more delay in sequence.
-Support BT wireless connection up to 4 BT-enabled devices such as keyboard, mouse, headset, speaker, controller and so on. Connection range up to 20m (barrier free).
-Plug and play. Built-in wireless network driver. Compatible with Win 8 or above, macOS 10.6 or above and Linux for WiFi function and compatible with Win 8 or above for BT dongle function.
-Product size: 36 x 19 x 6mm

-Interface: USB2.0
-Antenna: Built-in
-Data Transmission Rate: max. 600Mbps
-Wireless Standard: IEE802.11b/g/n/ac
-Wireless Speed: 11ac up to 433Mbps, 11n up to 150Mbps, 11g 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps, 11b 1/2/5.5/11Mbps (reference only)
-BT version: 4.2
-BT Transmission Range: up to 20m barrier free
-Compatibility: (WiFi) Win 8 or above, macOS 10.6 or above and Linux; (BT) Win 8 or above

-The specification of this wireless USB adapter is 600Mbps (2.4G: 150Mbps, 5G: 433Mbps). A router with 600Mbps or above can maximize the performance of this USB WiFi adapter.
-The network environment, router, barriers, laptop and PC 's internal memory, and other factors can affect the speed you get.
-Please plug the WiFi/BT adapter into the USB ports behind the computer host if you have a desktop. This way will let the Wi-Fi dongle get enough power.
-This Wi-Fi dongle will not boost the speed of original router, which only helps your computer to receive the router's signal and speed better.
-Please turn off the built-in Wi-Fi when using on a laptop (if there is built-in Wi-Fi function in your laptop).
-If your WiFi adapter is unavailable suddenly, please open your computer "Device Manage" to check if the driver is disabled.
-DO NOT support AP (access-point) function.
-BT dongle function is NOT supported on Linux and macOS.

Package Included:
1 x USB2.0 Dual Band WiFi and BT Adapter

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Product Including Packaging Weight: 29.1g
Product Including Packaging Size: 8*13.45*3cm

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