6-Axis Gyro Double Motor Vibration Pro Controller For Nintendo Switch/OLED - Black



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Enhanced Gaming Precision: Elevate your gaming experience with the 6-Axis Gyro Double Motor Vibration Pro Controller, specifically tailored for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED. The advanced 6-Axis Gyro Sensor provides seamless motion control, ensuring every tilt and movement is accurately captured for precision gameplay.
Dual Motor Vibration & Customizable Intensity: Feel every hit, crash, and explosion with the dual motor vibration feature. With 4 adjustable gears vibration, you can personalize the intensity to match your gaming style. Experience immersive gameplay with every rumble and shake.
RGB Ambient Lighting with Customization: Set the mood and enhance your gaming environment with RGB ambient lighting. Choose from 7 single colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, white) or indulge in 2 breathing light modes. Adjust the brightness across 4 levels to create the perfect gaming ambiance.
Turbo Function & Adjustable Speed: Gain an edge with the turbo continuously firing function, offering 3 adjustable gears (5/12/20 times per second). Whether it's rapid-fire action or strategic shooting, customize the firing rate to match the intensity of your game.
Macro Programming for Advanced Play: Master your games with macro programming capabilities. Freely set and combine buttons to execute complex moves with a single press. With easy-to-program key combinations, you can perform intricate combos and maneuvers, ensuring you're always a step ahead in competitive gameplay.

Package Includes:
1 x 6-Axis Gyro Double Motor Vibration Pro Controller
1 x 100cm Type-c Power Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 328g
Product Including Packaging Size: 30*11.5*6cm

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