5 In 1 Protective Dust-proof Kit for Steam Deck Console(GP-812)



  • $1.94

-This dustproof kit specially designed for Steam Deck, including dust filters for console vents, headphone jack dust plug, charging port dust plug, touchpad and back buttons protective stickers and silicon thumb caps.
-Protective stickers protect the touchpad and back buttons from wearing out prematurely and add texture to them. Easy to apply and remove. Leave no residue left behind.
-The vent dust filters and plugs keep your console clean, prevent dust and prolong the lifespan of your console.
-No screws required. Easy and convenient installation. Add style to your console.

Package Included:
2 x Touchpad Protection Sticker
4 x Back Button Protection Sticker
2 x Headphone Jack Dust Plug
2 x Charging Port Dust Plug
4 x Silicon Thumb Cap
2 x Vent Dust Filter Cover

Product Including Packaging Weight: 26.5g
Product Including Packaging Size: 9.5*6.5*1.6cm

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