4 In 1 Controller Connect Cable for Nintendo Gameboy Color/Game Boy Pocket-Transparent Green



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Multi-Compatible Design: Our 4 In 1 Controller Connect Cable is designed to support both the thick and thin versions of the Nintendo Gameboy Color, and GameBoy Pocket. Its versatile nature makes it an essential accessory for any Nintendo enthusiast looking to enhance their gaming experience.
4 in 1 Functionality: This innovative cable isn't just for a single console. It's a 4-in-1 powerhouse that lets you link up 2 devices simultaneously. Now, you can connect, play, and switch between your favorite Gameboy color/pocket/light
seamlessly, offering you unparalleled versatility.
2 Player Link Cable Connect Cord: Experience the joy of competitive or cooperative gaming with our 2 Player Link Cable Connect Cord. Engage in thrilling versus battles or collaborate in epic adventures with friends and family. This cable ensures a reliable and steady connection, keeping the fun going uninterrupted.
Enjoy Games with Friends: Gaming is always more fun with friends! This Controller Connect Cable encourages communal gameplay by allowing you to connect your Gameboy Color or Game Boy Pocket /light to a friend's. Share games, challenge each other, or collaborate on quests ???¡ì?C the possibilities are endless.
Quality and Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, our Connect Cable stands the test of time. Its resilient construction ensures consistent performance, even with heavy use. Enjoy long-lasting gaming sessions without worrying about wear and tear or connection issues. This cable is built for gamers by gamers, ensuring the best possible performance every time you connect.

Only two gameboys of the same model can be connected at the same time.
Do not support Gameboy Advance or the original Gameboy

Package Includes:
1 x 4 in 1 Two Player Link Cable Connect Cord - 150cm

Product Including Packaging Weight: 55.2g
Product Including Packaging Size: 22.5*8*3.6cm

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