360¡ã Rotating Display Stand - White (14.6cm)



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-This 5.7inch/14.5cm rotating turntable display stand provides a 360 degree view of your product. Perfect for displaying products, jewelry, watch, toy figures, collectibles, propitious to shops, studio, exhibition halls and other venues.
-It spins constantly and smoothly, providing a great effect to the video shooting and product demonstration. Available in manual and auto turning modes.
-Quiet motor and easy to use. Click any button to turn it on and long press (3s) any button to turn it off.
-You can control the speed and adjust direction or angle. R/L: switch to clockwise or counterclockwise; SR: speed regulation, 8s/15s/30s per min, 1-2 revolutions per minute; ASA: angle regulation, 90/180/360 degree circulation. The load-bearing capacity is about 8kg (depends on speed selected).
-Powered by Micro USB cable or 1pc of 18650 battery (not included).
-Turntable Diameter 14.5cm and height 3.5cm.

-18650 battery is NOT included.
-Please do not use battery and AC power at the same time. It will damage the item.

Package Includes:
1 x 360 Rotating Display Stand
1 x Micro-USB Cable

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Product Including Packaging Weight:316g
Product Including Packaging Size:17*15.3*4.5cm

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