256MB Memory Card for PS2



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-256MB memory card for use on all models of Playstation 2 consoles including slimline model.
-Upgrade version chip that process and save the games faster than last version, more smooth and steady without interruption.
-With memory card capacity of 128MB + 128MB, simply flip switch on face of memory card to choose between the two 128MB data areas, making different save files easier.
-No boot CD required. Store all your customized profiles data on this card, and you will have more enough storage than regular 8mb card. Essential item for saving game data.
-Made by Third Party, NOT official item. Compatible with PS2/PS2 Slim consoles only, NOT PSOne/PSX/PS3 fat consoles.

-The amount of space each game save uses on the memory card will vary depending on the game, check the back of the game case to find out how many Kilobytes (KB) it requires. Many games only require a maximum of 450KB per save, some bigger games will require more space such a long RPG title.
-Front facing switch on card must be set to appropriate memory bank prior to turning on console.

Package Includes:
1 x 256MB Memory Card

Product Including Packaging Weight: 21g
Product Including Packaging Size: 13.2*11.6*1cm

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