2 Pieces Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Package for Steam Deck (GP-801)



  • $2.04

-Specifically designed for Steam Deck handheld.
-Tempered glass construction for enhanced impact resistance, plus effectively resists scratches up to 9H.
-Up to 92% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.
-Only 0.33mm thick. Maintain the original touch experience.
-Protect the screen of your Steam Deck against every day use, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges.
-Easy to install. Just wipe the screen with the cleaning kit to remove dust. Align it properly and put it on. DONE!

NOTE: If bubbles are generated, please wipe them off with a cleaning cloth.

Package Includes:
2 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
2 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Cleaning Cloth

Product Including Packaging Weight: 105.7g
Product Including Packaging Size: 20.1*13.5*1.1cm

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