PGTECH Wireless Charger with MCU Temperature Control for PS5 Portal Console-White(GP-530)



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Elegant and Durable Design: Elegantly crafted with a striking silver painting process and a matte film finish, using durable UV materials for a sophisticated appearance that complements any gaming setup.
Superior Stability and Safety: The charger's angled design, surrounded by anti-slip pads and equipped with a fixing sticker, ensures it remains stable and secure during charging, protecting your device from tipping.
Intelligent Temperature Management: Features MCU intelligent temperature control that actively prevents overheating, safeguarding the console and ensuring a stable and reliable charging process.
Designed for Convenience: Tailored exclusively for the PlayStation Portal, this charger offers 10W wireless charging, achieving a full charge in just 4-4.5 hours. Its user-friendly, large groove makes device alignment simple and quick. Lightweight at only 125g, the charger is portable.
Visual Charge Monitoring: Includes a dual-color charging indicator light that displays red during charging and switches to blue when the charge is complete, allowing for easy monitoring of the charging status.

The Fixing sticker on the back of the charging receiver only has a fixed function and does not affect normal charging. It is a one-time consumable.
The charging indicator light will light up after power is turned on, and will remain blue if there is no device charging. Unless there is a power outage, the charging indicator light will remain on.
The charging receiver is small and easy to lose, so please keep it safe.
This Wireless Charger can only be used with power. It is recommended to use the original USB-C charging cable. It can accept 2A current and 5V voltage. To avoid damage, please use suitable charging equipment.

Package Includes:
1 x Charging Station
1 x Wireless Charging Receiver
1 x Type-c Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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Product Including Packaging Weight: 160g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.2*7.6*7.2cm

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