Silicone Protect Case for Nintendo Switch - Blue



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- PROTECTIVE - FastSnail Silicon Case are a great solution for keeping your new Nintendo Switch controllers against every day tear, wear and scratct, stains and dust, as well as providing increased grip.
- GOOD MATERIALS - Made of high-quality soft silicon material, so easy to install, remove and fully washable.
- ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic design provides a more comfortable experience and can allow you to play for longer.
- PRECISE CUTOUT - Precise cutout to all the buttons, triggers and thumbsticks accessible. Perfectly fits the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers.
- This is not official Nintendo product 

Package Include:
1 x L Controller Case
1 x R Controller Case


Product Including Packaging Weight: 28g
Product Including Packaging Size: 10.5*7.5*2.5cm

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